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Thomas Williams - Owner

It all started in Minnesota where community, politeness, and integrity are the laws of the land.  How did I end up in San Clemente you ask?  As most stories go... a girl, but I'll get to that.  After college I enlisted in the US Navy and spent four years in San Diego onboard the USS Russell (DDG-59).  It was here where I learned my trade.  Assigned to the Repair Division, we were responsible for plumbing, pipefitting, welding, and metal fabrication.  My intention of making a career of the Navy was abruptly altered after meeting my future wife, a woman born and raised in Capistrano Beach.  A heck of a woman that stopped my wandering ways.

Which brings us to this point.  I enjoyed working in the Repair Division so much that I wanted to continue to practice the trade.  The feeling of finding something broken and using your own two hands to fix it is remarkable.  The look of a satisfied home owner after I unclog a drain, fix a leak, or remodel their kitchen is what keeps me going.  Getting back to my Minnesota roots, being polite and running a business with integrity is my way of helping the community.  We make your home better.

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